Why Should I Send My Child to Preschool Instead of Keeping Them Home with Grandma?

Why Should I Send My Child to Preschool Instead of Keeping Them Home with Grandma?
If there is someone in your life who is willing to watch your little one, you might choose to take advantage of the free daycare that is offered to you. If you have a little one who could either be in preschool or be at home with their grandma, it might be hard for you to figure out what is best for them. There are some advantages to taking your child to a child care center and getting them enrolled in a preschool.

You Want Your Child to Make Friends:
The friends that a child makes while they attend a child care center may be friends that they will keep for the rest of their life. If a child is going to do well in school and in life, they need to have close friends. When you take your child to preschool, you give them the chance to interact with other children who are their own age and to become friends with them.

You Want Your Child to Keep a Good Relationship with Their Grandma:
The relationship that your child has with their grandmother will change if the child spends the full day at home with that woman. If the grandma is given the job of watching your child, they will be responsible for disciplining that child and putting that child down for naps. This will keep them from having the typical relationship that a grandma likes to have with their grandchild. When your child goes to school, they will spend less time with their grandma but the time that they spend with her will be special.

You Want Your Child to Learn:
If you are looking to have your child learn and grow, know that a daycare or school will teach them all of the things they should be learning before kindergarten, including the following:
Their numbers and how to count.
Their colors and how the different colors mix.
The alphabet and what each letter looks like.

You Want Your Child to Get Used to Going to School Each Day:
If you are going to expect your child to go to school every day in a year or two, it can be helpful to have them start to attend some kind of school right now. If your child spends the full day at home with their grandma, they will be new to the routine of going to school when they start kindergarten. It is good to get your child used to getting dressed and getting out of the house regularly so that they will adjust well when they start school.

You Want to Build Your Child’s Confidence:
If you are concerned that your child just does not have enough confidence and they do not have enough people backing them, you might start sending them to school. Your child’s self esteem can grow as they start to learn new things and as they are praised by a new adult in their life – their teacher. Your child’s confidence can grow when other children include them in the things that they are doing and let them play with them.

Going to School Can be Good for a Child:
If you are worried about your child’s relationship with their grandmother or you are concerned about your child’s self esteem, it might be time to start taking that child to school. If you feel that your child needs to learn how to live by a schedule or that there are basic school lessons that they need to learn, it might be time to see what school options are available in your area.