Kids Birthday Ideas for your Upcoming Parties

6 Fun-Filled Birthday Ideas for Your Child
Every parent knows just how important a child’s birthday is for their little self-esteem and happiness. In order for them to feel special on their day, it is up to us to provide them with the entertainment they need to make it happen. Some ideas that are popular among parents and children are bouncy castle rentals, pony rides, entertainers, scavenger hunts, camping, and gift bags for all children that are attending the party. By adding one of these unique ideas to a child’s party, it will become a very memorable day in their future.

6. Bouncy Castle

Inflatable jumpers for rent are a great way to spice up your child’s party with an amazing source of entertainment. Not only are these fun for children, but it is also a great way to get teenagers and adults in on the action, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bouncy house through party rentals? Before renting just any bouncy house, be sure to look into the size, price, theme, and the number of people allowed inside at a time.

5. Pony Rides

When it comes to party rentals, what could be better than a pony? All kids, especially the birthday boy/girl will go crazy over just the thought of being able to take a pony for a short ride around the yard. When you rent a pony, an employee of the company will come along to help the children ride safely so no parents will have to worry about their safety when they take off for a ride on their new furry friend at the birthday party.

4. Entertainers

If you have chosen to throw a larger party for a child, maybe you should think about hiring an entertainer for everyone at the party to enjoy. Before choosing just anything, be sure to take into consideration what your child enjoys whether it is comedy, singing, dancing, or puppets. Whatever your child is interested in, chances are there is a private entertainer or a company that would be more than happy to put a smile on your child’s face on their special day. Keep in mind that it is always ideal to read through their reviews first so you are getting what you paid for.
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3. Camping

A traditional birthday party usually consists of gifts, games, and company. But why not spice things up with a little camping? Instead of inviting a bunch of people over to your house, try inviting a smaller group of your child’s best friends and bringing them out on a mini camping trip for the night. The camping site you choose could be out in the woods, at a campground, or even outback on your own property where you are familiar with the woods and your surroundings.

2. Scavenger Hunt

All kids love the idea of a scavenger hunt as it not only consists of entertainment but also prizes when they stumble across a hidden item in the house or yard. Great ideas for items to hide are candy, small toys, money, or tickets to earn other prizes at the end of the party. To ensure every child that they receive a gift, some guidance is always necessary, especially for the much younger children that have a hard time moving as quickly or knowing where to look for the prizes. To keep everyone safe, always remember to inform them of a zone in which you hid the items so they are not wandering into the road or outside of your property.

1. Gift Bags

Even though children love the idea of attending a birthday party with cake and ice cream, sometimes creating little gift bags is a great way to keep them entertained for just a little longer. Inside your gift bags, you can place candy items, small toys, or coloring items for them to take back their house. By creating these bags, you will also make each child feel important which can sometimes be important at parties for children under the age of 5.

Your child’s birthday is a great way for you to express your love for them, not just through gifts, but providing them with entertainment. Some great ideas to spice up their party is bouncy castle rentals, camping, scavenger hunts, entertainers, pony rides, and gift bags for all the children. By adding simple things like inflatable jumpers for rent and other entertainment, your child and their friends will have the time of their lives on that special day.