Common Side Effects of Eating Gluten

For many scientists and researchers, it is clear that gluten has an overall negative effect on the body and can cause a lot of health concerns. For many people, learning about the effects of gluten is both stressful and confusing. It is supposed to be a normal part of our diet and even though we have had it for thousands of years, many now claim it is bad for us.

So what is the truth? The reality is that gluten can be bad for you depending on your personal biochemistry. This means that you need to look for common side effects of gluten to see whether it is worthwhile for you to continue eating it or whether it is best for you to stop.gluten

Why You Should Stop Eating Gluten

There are people who have celiacs disease, which is well reported as a disease that makes people intolerant to gluten. At the end of the day, this kind of illness is not black and white, which means that people don’t have it or not. Some people have shades of celiacs, where they have side effects, but not full on health concerns or dangers.

Some might include joint stiffness and pain. This is often caused by more inflammation from the gluten that is obviously hurting the bones, joints, and other aspects of the body. Brain fog and mental sluggishness are also considered markers of gluten problems. While there are many different kinds of problems with any dogma for a diet, it is important that you look at the individual effects of certain products on your health.

Only from this perspective can you accurately see what is causing you problems and what is not. Then, you can protect yourself from getting sick in a better way!