3 Reasons Stretching is Imperative for Health

Here is a perspective that most people interested in their health do not have. Health is not a temporary thing that makes you look good for a few months and then has your body in disarray for the rest of your life. There are too many people who get healthy for a small period of time, then they are trying to stave off the inevitable fat gain and unhealthy aspects of their life for a larger stretch.

Being fit and healthy in your 20s and early 30s is easy, but being in better shape than your peers all the way until you are an old man or woman is something altogether different. It is also a perspective that most people completely forget about. This is why stretching is so important.stretching-muscles

  1. Stretching helps with longevity – the more you stretch and take care of the body, the longer you can continue to workout. The more years, the longer each week, and the longer during each session. You’ll be less tight and this always leads to better results.
  2. Stretching feels good – whether you are aware of it, stretching in certain ways (especially twists and inversions) has a dump of brain chemicals that can feel amazing. This is one of the main reasons some people stretch and it is a win-win! No matter what the case may be, stretching is going to be somewhat challenging, but it can also feel great as well.
  3. Stretching helps with injury recovery – there are a lot of people who can recover from their injuries with the help of simple stretching techniques and foam rolling. Body work is an incredibly important part of the process too, but this can be done through a foam roller if you need to.